About Us
About Us

About Adair

Adair Communications is driving a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship

Adair Communications is working to advance and encourage innovation and enterprise development for leading organisations, small to medium enterprises and emerging innovators in Australia.

Adair is committed to developing investment opportunities, promoting creative working environments, nurturing good ideas, building long-term relationships, sharing knowledge and ongoing learning. Adair is a privately listed company that is responsible for organising the Australian Innovation Festival, the Leaders of Innovation series and various other initiatives. Adair has a dynamic and diverse team of talented professionals focused on creating and promoting a culture of innovation.

The team specialise in marketing, media, communications and event management. They are driven by their passion for innovation and business. Contact Us.Through partnerships within government and private industry, Adair is focused on advancing innovation and enterprise development. The continued success of Adair is due to joint operations with high profile corporations, federal and state government departments, industry associations and educational institutions.

If you are interested in partnering with Adair visit the Supporters section of the website. Adair is continually working to build relationships, expand networks and increase opportunities that will benefit Australians now and into the future.

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