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Thursday, 03 February 2011, 17:30 - 20:00
Upstairs @ The Leveson Hotel, 46 Leveson St, North Melbourne

eCommerce is the topic de jour in Australia due to high exchange rates, legislation around online GST and recent foot stamping by big retail. Some organisations have become almost household names, such as eBay, Deals Direct, Catch of the Day, Red Bubble  and . But Online Retail is a different game than bricks and mortar, as customers are much more empowered.  Additionally you may not be ready to enter the global market place with issues around foreign currency fluctuations, fraud in foreign jurisdictions and global shipping arrangements. But the opportunities and tweaks to be taken advantage of, are boundless.

So the question is, how do you become a successful Australian Online Retailer?

Our experienced, successful, panel will examine this and other questions on the night in an open forum format so you will get your questions answered.
    * Where are the success stories?
    * How do you find an unserviced niche?
    * How do you get noticed?
    * Should you borrow an audience such as eBay's or build your own?
    * How do you differentiate in an environment where your prices are so easily shipped?
    * How do you solve issues around Payment Gateways and legacy system integration?
    * What quality platforms are available off the shelf, or should you build your own?
    * What currencies should you be dealing in?
    * What are the issues when dealing in Foreign Jurisdictions
    * How do you prevent or minimise the impact of fraud?

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