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The QUT Innovation Space (QIS) is an entrepreneurial learning space where students develop real–world skills relevant to turning initial concept ideas into the products of the future. The Australian Institute for Commercialisation (AIC), as foundation sponsor of the QIS, is working with QUT to support entrepreneurs in the commercialisation of their innovations and ideas through the Innovation Space.

The QIS will provide a framework to help harness student creativity in a unique, multi-disciplinary learning environment that instils entrepreneurial skills in students, resulting in high-quality, industry-ready graduates capable of driving the innovation agenda.

As part of the partnership, the AIC will be providing a range of tailored market research briefs to student projects to help them address the opportunities and market potential for their ideas.

Developed by Christopher Collet, Associate Professor at Queensland University of Technology, the QIS was launched at a recent QUT Dean’s breakfast with more than 120 attendees from academia and industry and in his breakfast address, Queensland’s Chief Scientist Professor Peter Andrews stressed the need for the commercialisation of innovation in Queensland and Brisbane.

One of the projects showcased during the breakfast launch was a micro irrigation kit.  Developed by final year QUT Industrial Design students, Howard Hsu & Brett Hopper, the kit provides a low cost nano-filtration system which not only prevents the spread of diarrhoea through contaminated water but also significantly increases crop yields. This innovative product was voter’s choice for the AIC’s market research prize.

Dr. Rowan Gilmore, CEO of the AIC, fully supports the QUT Innovation Space initiative; "We are cognisant of the role of the university in fostering entrepreneurial initiatives, and also the potential of the university to do even more by encouraging greater cross disciplinary interaction between schools to bring in a broader mix of skills. We think QIS will do that and look forward to partnering the program with QUT".

For further information on how entrepreneurs, industry and government can engage in the QUT Innovation Space visit the QIS website.

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