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Silicon Genetics - Meet the Founder

Featuring Dr Andrew Conway, founder of Silicon Genetics. Having graduated as the then youngest ever recipient with a PhD in mathematics at the University of Melbourne, Andrew found himself in the biochemistry department at Stanford University.  One day in 1998, some scientists came to him with data generated from a gene expression experiment, measuring how active each gene was in a cell under different conditions.  Having assisted his colleagues in analysing the statistics, he saw an opportunity to  develop labour-saving tools for interpreting this kind of data.  Silicon Genetics was born. 

The company grew from one employee to over fifty.  The company's first product, GeneSpring, was used by researchers in research institutes, universities, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.  In 2004, Andrew sold Silicon Genetics to Agilent Technlogies and returned to Australia.  Andrew will share his story about how he became a pioneer of the bioinformatics industry, how his company played a role in supporting medical research, and how he stayed one step ahead of the many competitors that followed him. 

The interview will be held on Tuesday, 24 August at 6 pm at the University of Melbourne.  To register for this free event and to view details of the event, please visit the Meet The Founder Interview website here.

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