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The Climate Change Challenge: Brave New World?

Since the industrial revolution, burning fossil fuel has been intrinsic to the energy we use, the enhanced mobility we enjoy and the economic growth that our societies have achieved. For many of us this has brought unprecedented wealth and amenity. But these activities have a come at a cost: a level of greenhouse pollution in the atmosphere new to human history, emissions continuing to grow, science telling us of the current impacts and potentially catastrophic future risks. Addressing the climate problem requires change, innovation and new ways of thinking.

Yet even with politicians, activists and pundits alike heralding climate change as the issue to end all issues, are we willing to take the hard personal, political and economic choices that will truly reduce emissions? Are we brave enough to make the changes – in thought and deed – that are required of us? Are we able to shape this new world, or will it shape us?   Accepting a problem and doing something about it are two different things: agreeing on what is easier than agreeing on how.

Surely there’s been enough hot air about the hot air: if summits, conferences, speeches, reviews and reference groups solved the climate problem, we would not have one. The Deakins Lecture Series in 2010 will be distinct: for one week in Melbourne and Bendigo, you will be able to take part in a dissection that goes deeper than any other Australian public forum in recent times.  

As Australia's premier public lecture series, we've gathered over 30 of the best people addressing the climate problem now. These aren’t the usual suspects spouting fixed positions. At the Deakins you’ll hear from practitioners, from fresh informed voices with practical experience of achieving emissions reduction. These are people working to innovate in policy, business, finance and new technology to help create a brave, new, low emissions world. June 6 to 12 will be one week of unparalleled debate and discussion allowing us to question, interrogate, debate and learn.

Curated by Tim Flannery, the series will be coming at the climate change challenge from different perspectives focusing on ten dimensions: from Greening Capitalism to Carbon Down on the Farm  to how to create the domestic and international politics that this problem demands.  

Each lecture will be followed by a panel discussion between the lecturers and other experts in the field, ensuring further examination of their ideas and proper engagement with the audience.

Continuing the legacy of Alfred Deakin, a man synonymous with visionary ideas, bold innovations and tackling the most challenging of problems head on, Deakins 2010 addresses the climate problem with the best minds and practitioners able to help us chart a future course.

We invite everyone to be part of it.

For a full programme and booking information, go to
The Alfred Deakin Lectures from  6 - 12 June are an initiative of the State Government of Victoria.

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