FAQ Questions

  • Where can I access the latest news in the lead-up to the Festival?    
  • Where is the festival held?     
  • How do I register an event?    
  • What is innovation?  
  • Does the Australian Innovation Festival offer funding for events?
  • How much does it cost to register an event?
  • What are the benefits to event organisers?


Where can I access the latest news in the lead-up to the Festival?  

  • By visiting the News section of the site or by subscribing to the Australian Innovation Newsletter, which is located in the News and Newsletter section of the site. This email newsletter is full of interesting articles on innovation as well as the latest Festival happenings.

Where is the festival held?  

  • The Australian Innovation Festival is a national event, held in all States and Territories, regional and metropolitan areas.

How do I register an event?  

  • 1. Contact a member of the Australian Innovation Festival secretariat on (03) 9827 2116 to discuss your event idea.
  • 2. Complete the online event registration form, located on the events page or available from a link on the home page.

What is innovation?  

  • Innovation can be defined as "a process that transfers ideas through business activity into saleable goods, processes and service." On a more practical level, innovation results in creative solutions and enterprises that touch each of us everyday.  

Does the Australian Innovation Festival offer funding for events?  

  • The Australian Innovation Festival is a not for profit initiative. Unfortunately we are unable to help with funding for events.

How much does it cost to register an event?  

  • There is NO cost to register an event with the festival; however, all event costs are the event organiser's responsibility.

What are the benefits to event organisers?

Support for Event Promotion

The role of the Festival Secretariat and State and Territory Coordinators is to:

  • Welcome requests from any Festival event organiser to further distribute promotional literature, seek additional media coverage or upon request, assist with sponsorship leads.
  • Ensure your event does not clash with similar events in regard to timing or theme.
  • Promote your event by providing media contacts with leads to relevant and interesting stories arising from your media releases and also from the event description field from the registration form.

National Event Coverage  

  • Event and organiser details will appear on the Festival website. We also plan to link these details to the Federal, State and Territory Government web sites as well as with festival brochures and program guides.

Networking Opportunities

  • All event organisers are invited to the national launch and various State and Territory launches. On request, the Festival Secretariat will provide access to gala and exclusive events.
  • There are significant networking opportunities for event organisers, with more than 70 national Festival partners (industry & educational associations and federal government agencies) planning to hold innovation events in various Australian States & Territories.
  • The national program guide will contain a full listing of registered Festival events (at the time of printing), event highlights occurring in Australian State & Territories, brief statements by the Prime Minister, Federal Opposition Leader, State Premiers & Territory Chief Ministers and a special innovation report.
  • Print media partners for 2013 include: New Exchange, Media Monitors and Cosmos.
  • The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is the unofficial Festival national broadcaster and extensive media coverage may again include radio, television and new media.  
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