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Using a Story in Innovation Work


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Kate Hammer on

Business is changing. To be successful in the twenty-first century, businesses in developed economies must connect with people’s emotions. This move towards greater emotional intelligence explains why “storytelling” has become so fashionable in marketing and therefore, in the following article, we will explain how you can bring storytelling into your innovation work. The aim:helping you create novel concepts that also connect emotionally.

In HBR in 2012, Rotman School of Business Dean Roger L. Martin wrote: “The successful strategists of the future will have a holistic, empathetic understanding of customers and be able to convert somewhat murky insights into a creative business model that they can prototype and revise in real time. To do all that, they’ll have to be good communicators, comfortable with ambiguity and ready to abandon the quest for certain, single-point answers.”

Driving such change is a shift in our basic understanding of what makes humans tick. Advances in neuroscience, cognitive and social psychology have overturned older models that have tended to treat people as less complex, more rational or more mechanistic than in fact our species is. Today, there is a stronger recognition of the importance of a number of factors and dimensions including:


  • Connections amongst individuals
  • Capabilities like emotion, empathy, intuition and creativity
  • In advanced economies, memory vies with consumption as a key driver in day-to-day living.


In short, business has to become more emotionally intelligent.

The move towards greater emotional intelligence in business and enterprise explains why “storytelling” has become so fashionable in marketing. Here we’ll explain how you can bring storytelling into your innovation work – to help you create novel concepts but also, so your novel concepts connect emotionally.



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